Sucre Paper
Issue #4 - Celestial

Issue #4 - Celestial

The theme of this issue is “Celestial” – everything is made of stardust, we are stardust. Today, our knowledge of the universe is bigger than ever; at the same time we’ve more unanswered questions than ever before. We’re fascinated by enthropy, by many small things adding up to one big something. We are more knowledgeable than ever about the universe, we’re overwhelmed with pictures and noises from the cosmos. Along all this superflous information, each and everyone of us has their own interpretation of what is celestial, what it is to be a part of the universe. In this issue we present our most favourite artists who work with and interpret the theme of celestial.

Cover photo shot in New York by Amber Mahoney, with clothes by Amber Day and styling by Lela Maloney.

This issue features:

Merel Bos, Chaya, Ian Lanterman, Manita Songserm, Alina Asmus, Alisa Aiv, Caroline Corbasson and the lovely ladies mentioned above!

Tabloid, improved white paper, 52g, 32 pages. Limited edition of 400 copies.